Iberian Pork

Iberian Pork

The breed of the Iberian pig

Iberian pigs are a breed native to the Mediterranean area, which form a trunk that gives cured pieces from these animals a high quality and high level. These pigs directly take advantage of the resources of the holm oaks, being raised in full freedom and fed in the time of the mountain of the best acorns of the country.

When they are raised in full freedom and fed in the field, they will be much more muscular animals (infiltrating unsaturated fat under their muscles) and healthy, improving the Iberian race of our country more and more.

In view are pigs darker, hairless or with few hairs, with a long straight snout and an athletic skeleton (it is thinner than other porcine breeds). The Iberian pig is distributed basically in three autonomous communities: Castilla y León, Extremadura and Andalusia, being these three zones the ones of greater production of oak, oak, cork, quejigo and fresno, like many herbaceous plants, that also comprise of the Pig diet

The fundamental pillar of the feeding of the Iberian pig is the acorn, coming from the oaks. An oak produces about 25 kg of acorns and in one hectare there may be about 50 oaks. As a result, during the montane season (from November to February), an Iberian pig can consume 6 to 10 kg daily, adding another 3 kg of grass.